Postcards from Preston

30th May 2012

The exciting live event BSL Storytelling ‘Postcards from Preston’ now have uploaded the photos on Deafway’s facebook page, click here to see the photographs.

Credits and many thanks to Heidi Koivisto for taking these amazing photographs on the night and kindly sharing it with us at Deafway.

10th May 2012

Two more mini performance videos from the second workshop last Thursday 3rd May 2012

The live event for the BSL Storytelling is open tomorrow 7pm at The Continental. Don’t miss it!

Mini Performance 7:

Mini Performance 8:

9th May 2012

View the mini performance videos from the second workshop

Mini Performance 2:

Mini Performance 3:

Mini Performance 4:

Mini Performance 5:

Mini Performance 6:

8th May 2012

Videos from the second workshop at The Continental!

If you are interested in watching the live event on Friday 11th May, please check out below for more information

Here is the mini performances from the participants using the Character development questionnaire and from postcards

30th April 2012

The very first workshop was fantastic

See the photos from the night:



15th March 2012

A fantastic opportunity to tell your story and life experiences within Preston with the theme of:

“Preston: Past, Present and Future”.

The three workshops led by a Deaf person and everything will be in British Sign Language. You will have the opportunity to gain the skill  to tell your story in sign language, which will be kept forever on the website and to present solo or in groups at the Live Event on Friday 11th May to wider audience of Deaf and hearing people.

The skills you will gain are:
Confidence building
Storyboarding/mind mapping

Come and join us in the workshop or watch the Live Event, both for free and once in a life-time opportunity
Deadline for the workshop registration is Thursday 12th April 2012

More information, please contact: Philippa Merricks via email:

14th March 2012

Storytelling project with Deafway just launched!

Writer and workshop leader, Jennie Bailey, will be working with Deafway’s animateur, Phillipa Merrick to run workshops for BSL users at Deafway to develop a live storytelling event to be performed at The New Continental, Preston. An interpreter will be on hand during the event for our hearing audiences.

Live storytelling event: Postcards from Preston – Friday 11th May.

Keep watching this space for more information, videos, photos, stories and more!

The project is funded by Small Sparks and Acorn Grants and supported by They Eat Culture.

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